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We have partnered with Cozumel Animal Adventures in Cozumel Mexico. They have a great facility focusing on interactions and education of exotic animals. A philanthropic organization that helps the Mexican Ecological agency with rehabilitation of indigenous animals. They also support the local Cozumel orphanage with an annual Christmas drive providing all the children with presents, pictures […]

Kenyan Sand Boas

Kenyan sand boas are fast becoming a very popular snake in the reptile world. They are small, slow and docile with amazing mutations and morphs available. If you are looking for Kenyan sand boa information, Kenyan sand boa care, Kenyan sand boa genetics, Kenyan sand boa breeding or anything Kenyan sand boa check out this […]

Ball Pythons For Sale

Ball Pythons For Sale Checkout our fellow Reptile Collective member, Primeval Beauty, ball pythons for sale! Primeval Beauty produces some of the best quality ball pythons for sale in the world. Annually since 2006, Primeval Beauty has produced at least one new ball python morph for the ball python community. Primeval Beauty has many of […]

Repticon Charleston Reviews

Repticon Charleston Reptile Show Reviews Repticon Charleston was held this past weekend and delivered a great experience as expected for all the people that came to see all the reptiles on display. Charleston is an annual show with a relatively new group of reptile enthusiasts and hobbyists. We had the opportunity to educate 1000′s of people about […]

Rocking Charleston Repticon!!!

Big Show This Weekend at Charleston Repticon My Dad and I are going to be vending the Charleston Repticon show this weekend, August 31st and September 1st. I love this show, its huge! There is so many vendors and the show always has a bunch of reptile species I only see in at the Charleston […]

Dixie Reptile Show Reviews

Dixie Reptile Show Reviews I’ve been asked to review some reptile shows and I thought I’d start with Dixie Reptile Show Reviews. Dixie Reptile Show is a small show held on a monthly basis at the BJCC in Birmingham, Alabama. I have been vending the Dixie Reptile Show for about a year but my parents […]

Acanthoscurria Brocklehursti

Acanthoscurria Brocklehursti- Brazilian Black and White Tarantula To learn more about this Tarantula, click here. To purchase a Brazilian Black and White Tarantula, click here. To see a list of Tarantula Species, click here.

Brazilian Black and White Tarantula

Acanthoscurria brocklehursti – Brazilian Black and White Tarantula Brazilian Black & White (Acanthoscurria Brocklehursti) is a terrestrial tarantula. It is a fast grower and can reach a legspan of 7-9″ and the females can live up to 15 years in captivity. It prefers a temperature range of 80 to 85 °F (29 °C), and a […]

Charlotte Repticon – 8/24-8/25

Charlotte Repticon Reptile Show – August 24-25 Next weekend is the Charlotte Repticon Reptile Show! We have babies everywhere! We have been working real hard to provide you with some new features, websites, available pages, and more! Envy Hognoses Envy Hognoses website is finally up and running! We also have started on a Western Hognose Morph List with […]

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